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The 8 secrets men carry within

February 2009

Many men carry a mountain of rage and a lake of tears. This is the sad and true message, be it because of a psychologically invasive mother or an absent or aggressive father. The dynamics behind are in depth explored by the Jungian analyst Dr. James Hollis in his book »Under Saturn's Shadow: The Wounding and Healing of Men«.

Psychologically most of men have remained, essentially, the uninitiated, wounded male characteristic of our time. It is time for us men to look more consciously into our own wounding. One of a man's greatest developmental tasks is to achieve a healthy separation from the bond with his personal mother. Only then he can get in touch with his own soul, and free himself also from the Saturnian's shadow. Good references are the various rites of passage that are still observed in the tribal and indigenous cultures on our planet. Strange enough that the civilized world cannot handle this important move from a trouble-free existence of a child to the mature meeting of responsibility with full awareness and guidance for their own sons.

I highly recommend this book, and as a glimpse will reveal the therein stated 8 secrets men carry within.

  1. Men's lives are as much governed by restrictive role expectations as are the lives of women
  2. Men's lives are essentially governed by fear
  3. The power of the feminine is immense in the psychic economy of men
  4. Men collude in a conspiracy of silence whose aim is to suppress their emotional truth
  5. Because men must leave Mother, and transcend the mother complex, wounding is necessary
  6. Men's lives are violent because their souls have been violated
  7. Every man carries a deep longing for his father and for his tribal Fathers
  8. If men are to heal, they must activate within what they did not receive from without


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