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Counterfeits or nothing - uksoccershop.com did not refund for sold out articles and for fake items

uksoccershop.com review - scam - fraud report

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Counterfeit Print
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October 2008

Order 74195 Purchase from UKSoccershop.com 02/Jul/2008 23:07:45 WorldPay transaction ID: 1560772275 Paid GBP 86.48 for 1 shirt and 1 short
Order 74340 Purchase from UKSoccershop.com 05/Jul/2008 11:23:18 WorldPay transaction ID: 1660607406 Paid GBP 118.48 for 2 shirts
Order 74470 Purchase from UKSoccershop.com 07/Jul/2008 11:41:05 WorldPay transaction ID: 1461334751 Paid GBP 54.48 for 2 shorts

uksoccershop.com Helpdesk Tickets IFO-370049, COD-393374, BTH-587418, VVV-557154, SFQ-371599, ZST-875752

Sold Out - No Refund | Wrong Size Delivered - No Refund

Can you imagine you order 3 authentic sets of Adidas® shirts and shorts over the internet, make advance payment of 260 GBP, and from the shorts all you receive is 1 item in wrong size (others sold out), the shirts you receive come with fake printing? This happened to me in July 2008 with »uksoccershop«, the as per advertisement »Number One for Football Shirts«.

Initially I only realized about the wrong size short. I was asked to return the short and promised to get a full refund for the 3 shorts including return shipment. I sent the short with registered mail but despite many reminders no refund was made within 2 months. Phone calls were never answered. Finally I reported the fraud to my credit card company, and after investigation the credit card company initiated a charge-back for the shorts.

Counterfeit Print - No Refund

Direct comparison - original left - fake from uksoccershop right
Direct comparison
original shirt print left - fake from uksoccershop right

I then googled about experiences from other customers ordering from uksoccershop, and I was surprised about the number of fraud reports, scam and rip-off's. The standard procedure was that uksoccershop promised a refund but never gave it. Then communication ceased. Also I read about problems with printed shirts, that authentic printing of names and numbers was sold, but in reality the prints were fake.

I got an authentic printed shirt from a reliable dealer and made a comparison with the shirts uksoccershop had sent. I realized also my uksoccershop shirts had fake printing. The print was not shining. It was a plastic foil which went way beyond the letters and numbers and there were no holes within the numbers but only imitations of holes.

I again contacted uksoccershop, included the close-up photos and requested a refund now for the shirts. Sadly also for this counterfeit merchandise I have received just a promise to refund, but no refund was ever made and further reminders remained unanswered. My credit card company did not help because my claim was after 3 months of purchase and outside their charge-back policy. I never got a refund for the 3 shirts.

The least I can do now is share my experience. It is my hope I can help others to avoid similar frustration and loss of money. Eventually this is also a chance for the shop to re-think its business behavior and fix damaged customer relations. I would of course be happy to report about that on this site.

Close-Up Pictures - Original Adidas Print vs Counterfeit Print uksoccershop

original print
Original Adidas transfer print with holes
fake print from uksoccershop
Fake print from uksoccershop - plastic foil

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Suggestions in case you experience similar problems with uksoccershop

  • Ask your credit card company for a charge-back, don't wait too long.
  • If you live in the UK: send uksoccershop a registered letter of complaint giving them 2 weeks for a full refund before proceeding to the »small claims court«.
  • Help other shoppers and post a review at Trustpilot. You have to register to write your story and should be prepared to send a copy of your order confirmation or invoice as proof of purchase.
  • Inform »Trading Standards« about your experience. This is the law enforcement body - no legal representative for your claims though. Visit southlanarkshire.gov.uk and search for »consumer enquiries«.