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⚽ You'll Never Walk Alone ⚽


For a true supporter of Liverpool FC and Borussia Dortmund, nothing compares to the experience, when all stands are singing »You'll never walk alone« before the match.

Gerry Marsden said in an interview, in such a moment he could drop dead, and he would not be angry with God.

In his final days in 1981, legendary football coach Bill Shankly played only one song: You'll never walk alone. He found solace in it, and he knew that he would not go alone. After his death Shankly's ashes were scattered on the lawn of the Liverpool stadium at Anfield. And so he can still hear the ultimate football anthem at every home game.

Dortmund adopted the tradition in 1996, after the local band »Pur Harmony« with frontman Matthias Kartner was encouraged to cover Gerry Marsdens version. Pur Harmony knew the tradition, and they were Dortmund fans too, so they gave the song to the stadium speaker of Borussia Dortmund. The fans from the »Yellow Wall« south stand immediately made it a popular chant, and so the tradition of singing this song was taken over.

It is equally touching, encouraging, uplifting and inspiring, when over 80000 fans of the German football club, who has so many similarities with Liverpool, sing this song. Meanwhile Gerry and the Pacemakers' version was played in Dortmund, and Kartner was invited to Anfield.

In 2001 Kartner was singing before the Champions League group-stage clash in the Westfalenstadium Dortmund, the Reds put their scarves up too and sang with him.

April 2016 was another rare coincide, having the 2 teams and their supporters together, in those 2 best temples in the world of football: Anfield and Westfalenstadium.

Watch the fans singing together YNWA before the Europa League quarter final 2016 matches at Dortmund Westfalenstadium and Liverpool stadium at Anfield.

Video YNWA in Dortmund Video YNWA in Liverpool

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