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The Dark Night of the Soul

May 2015

The greatest crisis that can befall an intelligent, heroic and potent man, is the silent suffering in the dark night of the soul. The man has attained the summit of modern consciousness and feels king of the world. He stands on the top of his ladder, and suddenly he realizes that the wall supporting this no longer exists. All his efforts in all his life have not brought peace to him at all. The key for peace - it must be found elsewhere, outside of what he is aware of.

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Vision Quest

April 2015

The vision quest is a tradition of the North American Indians. They had retired into solitude to get answers from the inner depths of their soul when important transitions in life were to happen. We can also benefit from the essence of this ritual in modern times, such as when we have to make an important decision for our lives or as an initiation ritual into manhood.

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The unbearable lightness of being

About the psychology of joy

December 2011

Can you beat that? Boundless joy! Is it possible to be filled with joy for all times? Why not? Could I bear it? Means if joy would be without boundaries - why would I have to bridle it? Why would I have to bear it? Would that be bad? Joy is so beautiful that it is unbearable.

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The addiction to pleasure

Unless I understand addiction, I will never understand my own body.

I am addicted to Reiki - and to a good many other things. Addiction is blood pusher number 1 in human life. Everything I have to repeat is an addiction, beginning with breathing. I am designed to run on pleasure. I live for it. Feelings of pleasure are pure energy, in other words a simple chemical reaction.

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Meeting My Inner Child

In March 2009 I participated in a special seminar. It's called BreakThrough and was developed by Esther Veltheim, co-founder of the Reiki Network. BreakThrough is an inside job that is, learning to understand the nature of our defenses and the control they have over lives. BreakThrough »breaks through« the defensive, unconscious and over-reactive patterns, the masks and sabotage programs the participant is willing (has the courage) to penetrate, to live a freer life, more authentic, with less conditioning, with more attention to his own personal needs, with fewer over-reactions. Unconsciously we are already doing it, when we practice Reiki Self Treatments, but such a step-by-step process that reveals the nature of our conflict in a conscious way, can be helpful.

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The Fine Line between Coincidence and Destiny

Walking the line

There is a fine line between coincidence and destiny. That's the whole freedom I have.

I believe that this picture describes the essential meaning of my life. Who am I? Why am I here? How free am I? What is freedom? Does everything have a meaning? Am I dependent on causes? Can I determine my own future? Are there any causes at all? Do things happen by chance?

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The cortices balance from BodyTalk

Bodytalk is a health care modality, which addresses poor balances within the bodymind on an energetic level.

Balancing the left and right hemispheres of the brain is one of the core techniques of the BodyTalk System. This can have profound effects on the overall well-being as it helps to reset the amygdala and to reduce stress levels.

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The 8 secrets men carry within

Many men carry a mountain of rage and a lake of tears. This is the sad and true message, be it because of a psychologically invasive mother or an absent or aggressive father. The dynamics behind are in depth explored by the Jungian analyst Dr. James Hollis in his book »Under Saturn's Shadow: The Wounding and Healing of Men«.

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